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Refugee memoir is Wichita's 2017 Big Read selection

by Suzanne Perez Tobias
The Wichita Eagle
June 10, 2017

Architects see 50-year-old Wichita library as brutally honest 

By Tim Potter
The Wichita Eagle
May 30, 2017

Strong Support for new Wichita Library

For the Editorial Board by Rhonda Holman
The Wichita Eagle
July 6, 2016

Community meetings to plan library's future

Wichita Eagle: Letters to the Editor

Support Library
My friends and I thank the Wichita City Council for voting to proceed with plans for a new downtown Wichita library (May 14 Eagle). Although we recognize the vote is not a council commitment to build a new library, it certainly is finally strong support to proceed to work toward a design concept for the new library. My friends are lifelong learners who recognize that we live in a global economy and knowledge is power, if we and our children are to competitively participate with the world. We are very conscious of our limited economy in Wichita and Kansas, and how we are not attracting well-paying job opportunities. Sadly, we see professional friends leaving Wichita for employment out of state. We feel that in order to attract new businesses Wichita and Kansas have to provide up-to-date community benefits. That includes the up-to-date technological advances for all our residents that the new downtown library can provide, to keep us more abreast of current global knowledge.

Wichita Eagle
May 28, 2014

MWead more here:

Wichita Public Library Earns National Award

by Stan Finger
The Wichita Eagle
June 4, 2014

Eagle editorial: Still care about library?

For the Editorial Board by Rhonda Holman
The Wichita Eagle
May 13, 2014


1996: Hundreds line up to see Angelou christen Wichita library bearing her name

In Memory of Maya Angelou who died in May 29, 2014 at the age of 86.

by Jim Cross
The Wichita Eagle
1996: reprinted Thursday May 29, 2014

Richard Crowson's view on the new central library

by Richard Crowson
Wichita Eagle
May 18, 2014

Library must change, too 

For the Editorial Board by Rhonda Holman
The Wichita Eagle
May 16, 2012

 Wichita council gives OK for scaled-down library plan  

by Bill Wilson
The Wichita Eagle
May 15, 2012

Wichita council approves $2.4 billion, 10-year major projects plan


by Bill Wilson
The Wichita Eagle
March 6, 2012

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